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SW3 liters pilot sand mill

Product description
This machine is mainly used in ink. Paint. Printing and dyeing coatings. Leather chemicals. Building coatings. Dairy. Titanium dioxide industry laboratory, to provide new technical data for the trial production of new products and large-scale production, is an indispensable new type of equipment.
Main features and performance
The machine uses a material pump to transfer the solid-liquid mixture material after pre-dispersing and wetting treatment in the mixer into the cylinder. The material and the grinding medium in the cylinder are agitated by the high-speed rotating disperser, so that the solid particles and the grinding in the material are ground. The media have a more intense collision with each other. Friction. Shearing effect, to speed up the purpose of grinding fine particles and disperse aggregates.
Technical Data Sheet
Mill barrel capacity
Motor Power
Dispersion shaft speed

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