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SW Horizontal sand mill


Process characteristics

The machine is advanced in design, closed and continuous production, and the products are finely dispersed and dispersed. The quality is good and the production efficiency is high. The material is produced in a closed state, which effectively prevents the dry crust and solvent evaporation of the material. Double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage. The new dynamic separation structure, the discharge is more fun, and fewer wearing parts are equipped with the outer cylinder moving disassembly bracket, disassembly and assembly. Maintenance is very convenient. The feed pump adopts gear pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump. The feeding size is easy to adjust and the working performance is reliable. In addition, the horizontal sand mill does not require a special installation foundation, and the installation position can be changed as needed.

Advantage performance

  • 1. The gap-type dynamic separator made of powder alloy is self-cleaning, non-blocking and ultra-abrasive.
  • 2. The SW series of horizontal sand mills uses mechanical seals manufactured by world-leading BORGMANN. Its movement. Static ring surface using silicon carbide, OModel ring using PTFE, can withstand corrosion of corrosive solvents.
  • 3. In order to solve the special requirements of users, SW series horizontal sander grinding tank and dispersion disc are available in a variety of materials, such as zirconia, composite materials, etc. This machine has zero solvent resistance and high wear resistance.

Scope of application

Suitable for automotive paints. Inks. Latex paints. Carbon black. Titanium dioxide. Industrial coatings.

Technical Parameters

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