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LS Nano Basket type sand mill (environmental type)



The environmentally friendly Basket type sand mill operates in a closed state, effectively controlling the volatilization of solvents during the production process and reducing pollution. The working principle is high-speed suction of self-priming impeller → fine grinding in the grinding basket → high-speed rotation of the dispersing disc to produce dispersion. Mixing. Cycling effect → resulting in suction material. Grinding. High-efficiency cycle of discharging, solving the problem of material turning Difficulties, avoiding dead ends, excellent grinding results in a short time. Suitable for small batch production (easy to change color), pre-dispersion and grinding can be done in a mortar tank. Spindles can be speed-controlled, stable operation, low noise, less auxiliary equipment, easy cleaning, easy replacement of grinding media.

Scope of application

Suitable for paints. Ink. Pesticides. Suspension. Emulsification of papermaking and other industrial materials. Mixing. Dispersion, the use of uniform distribution of material fineness, through a powerful high-speed shear ratio function, make products meet the requirements in a short time.

Technical Parameters

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