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SWD large flow sand mill


SWD high-flow sand mill uses new research and development features to provide you with more economical wet grinding processes and technologies. High-efficiency grinding discs and large centrifugal wheels and screens make the grinding beads better distributed in the grinding chamber, using centrifugal Dynamic separation screens increase the flow rate, the grinding beads can be safely separated, and even at high flow rates, the highly efficient separation system functions to include the following elements: 1. Centrifugal wheels and screens and integrated disks; 2. Special oversized screens network.

Process characteristics

  • 1. Eliminate voids in the cavity
  • 2. Replaceable inner cavity of various materials
  • 3. Replaceable front and rear end caps and wear-resistant spare parts are resistant to wear
  • 4. Special disc and shaft design
  • 5. Centrifugal dynamic separation screen
  • 6. Raw rubber production equipment;
  • 7. Waste silica gel cracking. Distillation. Recovery of complete sets of production equipment;
  • 8. Paint. Paint dispersion. Mixing. Mixing equipment.
  • 9. Metal pretreatment agent. Cleaning agent. Electroplating solution. Water reducing agent and other chemical production equipment;
  • 10. Various types of non-standard chemical equipment design. Production and installation.

Advantage performance

  • High efficiency grinding equipment between high energy density and traditional sand mills
  • Single pass grinding process is usually used
  • Special grinding beads keep the design
  • Special large screen cleaning design
  • Suitable for high wear products
  • Grinding dispersion of large quantities of paint
  • Use centrifugal dynamic separation screen to increase flow
  • Easy replacement of spare parts for product contact

Technical Parameters

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