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FYFD electric heating kettle



Has rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, health, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic boiler heating, easy to use and so on, is based on the premise of thorough mixing of reaction materials, heating, cooling, and liquid extraction and gas absorption. Such physical changes require the use of stirring devices to obtain good results, and can be designed for customers to process external coil reactors.


Widely used in petroleum. Chemicals. Rubber. Pesticides. Dyestuffs. Medicine. Food. Used to complete the vulcanization. Nitrification. Hydrogenation. Carbonation. Polymerization. Condensation and other processes.

Process characteristics

The heating form is electric heating. The jacket type is divided into: Jacket type and outer half pipe type, jacket type oil heating type is equipped with a guide device. The mixing mode is generally paddle type. Anchor type. Frame type. Screw type. High speed type has dispersed impeller type. Turbine type. High shear type. Propeller type, for customers to choose according to the process.

Technical Parameters

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